Depression Wrapped In A Bow

The thing about depression is that no matter how many cases of people committing suicide, there is no complete understanding as to how far a person can take before they take their own life. Like the unfortunate passing of Charlotte Dawson, though I wasn’t particularly a fan, it is still a horrible thing to hear when someone takes their life. What people need to understand is that no amounts of money, or having the world at their feet, is enough for someone to stop the dark pit of depression from consuming them.

Most people can’t comprehend the idea of what depression is. It’s more than a feeling, it’s more than feeling sad, it’s more than being stressed it’s everything like that and everything else in between. The thing about being depressed is that you can seek help for it, however sometimes the help you get isn’t necessarily going to work everyday. There are some things medication can and can’t do. So for those of you who think that depressed people can just take a pill to make everything better, well you’re wrong.

Anti-depressants don’t just put a bandaid on the person’s depression, it completely numbs them from other things as well. Imagine being a shell of who you used to be, but not just that, you are someone you’re a little more content with, however can’t quite recognise at the same time. That’s what anti-depressants do. It’s a temporary solution to something that is a lot more complex than people can understand.

So if you know someone who is suffering from depression, or has suffered in the past, look out for them. Because there’s nothing worse than allowing them to slip into the abyss alone.



  1. Bryce Gorman · · Reply

    I’ve had my share of days/weeks/months that have felt heavier than all the rest, and even now I still don’t understand depression. Thank you for sharing

    1. I hear you! Unless you have depression or have suffered from it yourself, you can never truly understand it.

      Thanks for reading!

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