Childhood Wasted

As a young boy and girl, we tend to look up to those around us, whether it be an older sibling, mother, father or, celebrity that’s associated with our favourite shows. Growing up, I enjoyed playing outside, getting dirty, riding my bike and watching cartoons and eating cereal, all the time. However the upcoming generation don’t seem to have the same kind of priorities or outlook I had at there age. I dreamt big when I was a kid, I either wanted to be a musician, or a teacher. Currently, I do neither. But, we all have aspirations, even as children.

Today I see the type of celebrities that my niece and nephew are growing up with. The likes of Miley Cyrus and her trashing-it-up visage, Taylor Swift with her multiple relationship fails including her hit songs and Jamie Spears (yes we know Britney is guilty too). What I don’t seem to understand is why celebrities like Miley, would want to be perceived as something that made her who she is today. No one is expecting all these young Disney Stars etc to act all innocent once they pass 18, but no one is also asking them to expose their genitals on television.

The people I grew up with were no saints neither, but nor was the generation before that, or, before that even. Is it time to limit the 00’s kids from watching television or R- rated films all the time and encourage them to read, play outside or take up a sport. It really does seem a shame of childhood.


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  1. Good post! :) I often thin I wish to “alert” kids to the fact that they can stay kids for so much longer… later in life there will be enough hours for everything else.

    1. Exactly! Their imagination is limited as well. And it’s sad.

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